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Experience the beauty of Scotland

Luxury guided tours of Scotland with an accredited Blue Badge Tourist Guide. Journey through the Highlands and discover this wonderful country from the comfort of a luxurious Mercedes vehicle. 


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Discover the magnificence of Scotland in small and private groups with an accredited tour guide.


Your exclusive guided tour will be a bespoke adventure around the Highlands and Islands.


Your comfort and enjoyment whilst on your journey is our priority. You will travel in a luxury Mercedes vehicle.

Statue in Scotland with blue Scottish sky.
Scottish mountain.
Castle in Scotland by the Scottish Loch.
Scottish ruins whilst on a tour.

Your tour of Scotland will be designed around your wishes – We’ll make it breathtaking, exciting and a memory to cherish.


It is an absolute joy to tour all over Scotland in your own private luxurious Mercedes, going wherever you want, whenever you want. The flexibility built into your tour programme will allow you to see things you could not see if you were travelling and sharing your transport with others. You will see and learn more about Scotland on your own, unique and special tour with us.


Specialist tours cover almost anything that you want to see: From Whisky tours, Golfing tours, Theatre, Highlands and Islands tours, to specialist History, Art or Genealogical tours. Are you an ornithologist or geologist? Would you like to hunt, shoot or fish? Then we have access to any specialist to cover any activity (with equipment) that you need. You choose it, we provide it.


Your personalised tour will do exactly as it says on the tin! Discover Scotland and, more importantly, in comfort and style. We’ll see Castles, Palaces, Forts, Abbeys, Cathedrals, Neolithic monuments, Battlefields, the Highlands and Islands, Mountains and Valleys. You will hear the history, the music and experience the culture of Scotland’s food and drink and get closer to the people of Scotland.

Find out what Scotland has in store for you

What our previous guests have to say

In this section you will find testimonials from previous guests and I truly appreciate their warm endorsements of my service. Please read their comments below and if you wish to contact anyone before booking, let me know and I will pass on your request.

John Harbour is a born and bred Scotsman who is a master at bringing alive every facet of Scotland and Scottish life! While most people only have time to see the main cities of Scotland, and John knows them well, John excels at helping people to see more varied areas and cultural aspects of the rest of Scotland. From Skara Brae, a Neolithic village over 5,000 years old on the north tip of Orkney Island, to the latest food and music scene, John knows it all well. In fact, he knows all of Scotland like most people only know the local neighborhood in which they live.
John also takes care of the little things that are seldom mentioned but also critical to enjoying spending time in Scotland. His cars and vans are all late model Mercedes that he cares for meticulously. He knows the best places to park at every historic sight and the secrets for avoiding lines. And he knows where to go for clean restrooms, as well as always having plenty of water and goodies in the car to be sure everyone is comfortable.
An example of John’s depth of knowledge and connections to enhance one’s trip, John has made friends with and worked on Blogs and tours with Iain Burnett, a much awarded and well-respected Highlands chocolatier of international renown.
After visiting close to 60 countries, I can say without reservation that If you want to tour Scotland with the “dean” of tour-guides, as well as have a relaxing, carefree and fun trip, I highly recommend you book with John!

Chuck Cole


I have toured Scotland with John from Exclusive Scottish Visits four times since May 2022.  Each trip was special, designed exclusively for my tastes and wishes.  The itineraries were made well in advance giving me a chance to alter whatever was not quite to my liking or add new destinations.  The personalized service that comes from private tours, is very much my reason for traveling with John. Impeccable car, the advantage of being able to leave my things inside, to take roads off the beaten track avoiding main thoroughfares and having a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

We travelled literally all over Scotland. From The Borders to the NC500, Orkney, the Western Isles and the East Coast. Each one a spectacular adventure.  Whether off roading, bird watching, the amazing Isle of Rum, Mull, Iona, Staffa ….I could go on and on. We traced all the trips on a map, and I can say I have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland with ESV

It is most definitely an experience I more than gladly and fully recommend if one wants to really enjoy Scotland, meet the locals wherever possible and have memories that will last for ever.  It would be an understatement to say Exclusive Scottish Visits is amazing. I had a blast and recommend John to a future traveller to Scotland.

Marianne Kulenkamff


Travel in style and luxury

Luxury car Mercedes with tour guide in kilt.

We will travel together in a luxurious Mercedes vehicle, one of the safest and most reliable cars on the road today for tour guide travel. As comfortable as a limousine on the highroad, it’s rugged enough to handle the most demanding single track roads and some off track roads in the countryside.

We can tour less accessible places giving you an opportunity to visit those quieter spots and perhaps enjoy a picnic or stroll in the scenic and secluded areas seldom visited by tourists.

Luxury car Mercedes with tour guide in kilt.

Private tours of Scotland are a wonderful way to see this magnificent country. I also provide a larger Mercedes vehicle (using a driver) for up to 19 people.

Meet your next Scottish tour guide

Why choose us for your next Scottish tour? 

Exclusive Scottish Visits are a different kind of tour guide company. Find out why.

What makes your Scottish tours different for any other guided tour of Scotland?

Dedication to personal service makes Exclusive Scottish Visits stand out from the crowd. The company motto is to go anywhere, anytime with the intention of getting under the skin of Scottish culture. We go to the places other tour companies don’t go and we go that extra mile to give our guests the best experience possible during their short stay in Scotland.

Do you only offer visits to Scotland?

Yes, we offer quality tours of Scotland exclusively. You will be transported around Scotland in a top-of-the-range Mercedes. It is classy, sassy, luxurious and very comfortable with tons of space for all those little extras you might want to take home.

Accommodation will be selected depending on your wishes and budget. Click here to see some of the best hotels in Scotland.

On my tour of Scotland, what else do I get?

Simply put, you get our experience as Scottish Blue Badge tour guides. The Scottish Tour Guide Association Blue Badge accreditation is the minimum standard for our tourist guides. Qualification takes 18 months with 2 years of study in every aspect of Scotland and its history. It is a tough course and it takes dedicated individuals to complete it. You will be looked after by engaging, knowledgeable and welcoming individuals who are proud of Scotland.

How do you make the tours bespoke to me?

Your tour will be ‘exclusive’ to you with specially selected accommodation and restaurants. We’ll work together to give you an ‘exclusive’ package. It will not be an ‘off the shelf’ standard Tour company production and the luxury car will be for your ‘exclusive’ use. We’ll go where you want to go when you want to go.

Statue in Scotland with blue Scottish sky.
Scottish mountain.
Castle in Scotland by the Scottish Loch.
Scottish ruins whilst on a tour.