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Sending a Letter from Scotland

Join me, John Harbour for my tongue-in-cheek podcast show Letter From Scotland where I’ll discuss the news and views in Scotland and update the world on what’s happening in this exciting country. 

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Letter From Scotland


A slightly tongue in cheek look at the news and views of scotland and its society in the 21st century.

If you love Scotland or are simply intrigued by this small independently-minded bagpipe blowing, haggis eating, caber tossing, tartan kilted nation then you will be interested in the news and views of its people, the media and its politicians.

Letter from Scotland gives you a local perspective of what makes this tiny country tick. It takes newsprint, TV and Radio commentary and turns it into a bite-size viewpoint from a local perspective with a slightly humorous edge. It is a monthly open letter to all people with even the slightest connection to Scotland and, to those with no connection, enjoy it too.

The Latest Episode!

Episode 2

September 2020

Why is the most high profile Sex Scandal enquiry in Scotland receiving so little attention in Scotland’s Media, especially the BBC? It’s these matters that Letter from Scotland gets to the bottom of, on behalf of the Scottish People.

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