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A journey through Scotland

Join me on my audio journey through Scotland – Unique Scotland. Every episode is different as I share my experiences with you.


Unique Scotland


Welcome to the Unique Scotland Podcast, the audio and video link on this website. My Podcasts complement my photo galleries and let you hear about and see Scotland at first hand. This page will allow you free access (subscribe) to the podcast so that you will be informed when a new episode has been issued. It will also ensure that you’ll be able to listen to previous episodes of my Podcast.

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An audio expedition of scotland

Series 1 Trailer

John Harbour explains what you can expect from the Unique Scotland podcast series. An introduction to this small but beautiful country. The people, the places, the customs and a carefully researched tour through this proud nation; with John as your expert, trusted guide. Subscribe now and receive each episode as it’s released.

The Latest Episode!

Episode 27

Letter From Scotland February 2024

Letter from Scotland is a light-hearted look at what makes the news in Scotland. It is an insight as to what makes this ‘wee’ country with a big heart tick. Some of the news is political commentary and other news is local gossip without taking it all too seriously.

In today’s LETTER FROM SCOTLAND, you will discover how Scotland’s national dish, the Haggis, could impact the forthcoming US Presidential elections. And what has TONG, a tiny Hebridean island got to do with ex-President Trump? Political chat is about the Covid enquiry and also reports on a slight disagreement between Mr Trump and Ms Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister 2014-2023. Everyone loves a good juicy scandal and, if you read between the lines, you might just find one here! You’ll hear about an escaped Japanese Macaque monkey who brightened up the days for some Highlanders and can you believe that a 2 year old Scottish boy climbed to Everest Base Camp? And what is making the people of Mull tremble? And learn about the use of the Scottish word Shenanigans. This Podcast will bring it into world use.
It’s all here in this tongue-in-cheek look at Scotland today. Sit down with a cup of tea and listen to what is bothering us Scots and see if it helps you not take yourself too seriously.

Episode 27 - Letter From Scotland February 2024

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