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A journey through Scotland

Join me on my audio journey through Scotland – Unique Scotland. Every episode is different as I share my experiences with you.


Unique Scotland


Welcome to the Unique Scotland Podcast, the audio and video link on this website. My Podcasts complement my photo galleries and let you hear about and see Scotland at first hand. This page will allow you free access (subscribe) to the podcast so that you will be informed when a new episode has been issued. It will also ensure that you’ll be able to listen to previous episodes of my Podcast.

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An audio expedition of scotland

The Latest Episode!

Episode 17

Inverness Part 2

Inverness part 1 gave you an overview of the area and history of the town. In this Podcast – Inverness Part 2, you will walk the streets of Inverness to hear about the prominent historic buildings and be told of some of the stories behind these iconic structures.

From St Columba in the 6th Century to Lord Lovat (Simon Fraser) executed after the Battle of Culloden in the 18th Century – as they say; if the walls could talk. There is, however, enough historical evidence to give you a real feel for what went on within the walls of these fascinating buildings and, as you walk down the old medieval streets, you will get a real sense of what it would have been like to live in those times.

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The Latest Letter From Scotland Episode!

Letter from Scotland podcast logo.

Episode 2

Letter From Scotland – September

A slightly tongue in cheek look at the news and views of scotland and its society in the 21st century.

If you love Scotland or are simply intrigued by this small independently-minded bagpipe blowing, haggis eating, caber tossing, tartan kilted nation then you will be interested in the news and views of its people, the media and its politicians.

Letter from Scotland gives you a local perspective of what makes this tiny country tick. It takes newsprint, TV and Radio commentary and turns it into a bite-size viewpoint from a local perspective with a slightly humorous edge. It is a monthly open letter to all people with even the slightest connection to Scotland and, to those with no connection, enjoy it too.

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Inverness To Edinburgh

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St Andrews to Inverness

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Series 1 Trailer

John Harbour explains what you can expect from the Unique Scotland podcast series. An introduction to this small but beautiful country. The people, the places, the customs and a carefully researched tour through this proud nation; with John as your expert, trusted guide. Subscribe now and receive each episode as it’s released.