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A journey through Scotland

Join me on my audio journey through Scotland – Unique Scotland. Every episode is different as I share my experiences with you.


Unique Scotland


Welcome to the Unique Scotland Podcast, the audio and video link on this website. My Podcasts complement my photo galleries and let you hear about and see Scotland at first hand. This page will allow you free access (subscribe) to the podcast so that you will be informed when a new episode has been issued. It will also ensure that you’ll be able to listen to previous episodes of my Podcast.

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An audio expedition of scotland

Series 1 Trailer

John Harbour explains what you can expect from the Unique Scotland podcast series. An introduction to this small but beautiful country. The people, the places, the customs and a carefully researched tour through this proud nation; with John as your expert, trusted guide. Subscribe now and receive each episode as it’s released.

The Latest Episode!

Episode 30

Edinburgh City (E3) The Castle

EDINBURGH CASTLE is an almost impregnable fortress perched upon an extinct volcano, right in the middle of Scotland’s Capital city, Edinburgh.
This podcast is the third in a four part series where I’ve already covered the Old and the New Towns and, in this Podcast, I will be taking you on a tour with me to the top of Edinburgh Castle, an incredible fortification that has been subject to 23 sieges in its 1000 year history, the most besieged castle in Europe. I’m also pleased to be joined by Lieutenant Colonel David Jack, the Royal Scots Regimental Secretary who will explain the connection between the Royal Scots infantry regiment and the Castle.
In this Podcast you will travel back in time to the first fortification built around 4,000 years ago then right up until the present day.
I’ll be explaining why a fortification was first built on this extinct volcano and why it has remained a fortress to this day. You will hear how it all began and then, fast forwarding you will hear about the part the Castle played in the Wars of Independence as well as the Jacobite rebellion resulting in the building of the Argyll Battery of guns to defend against these supporters of James VII. And the one o’clock gun – why is it fired every day to shake Edinburgh to its roots, and we will look inside the military prison and who the inmates were. And all that before we arrive at Crown square with the Royal Palace, now housing the Crown Jewels of Scotland or using their correct title, the Honours of Scotland. I’ll also be telling you about St Mary’s chapel, the oldest building in Edinburgh and how it has survived the ravages of time from Robert the Bruce in the 14th Century up until the modern day. And who is the Grey Lady ghost who enjoys frightening tourists from time to time….. All will be revealed.

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