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Episode 11

Have Whisky producers something to hide? Why are Age
Statements starting to disappear from some bottles? In this
Episode, I will be looking at the Production side of the Whisky
business and delving into the recesses of Scotland’s distilleries.

Episode 11

Scotch Whisky PART 2

To find that some distilleries are producing No Age Statement (NAS) bottles of Whisky is rather disturbing especially after
years of being told that one must “look out for the number – know your age – know your whisky. This will be discussed after
a look at how cool spring water is turned into the amber nectar known as the Single Malt whisky. You will also learn to read a label and come to understand the difference between a Single Malt whisky and a Blended whisky. There is also a story of one man’s conversion to a type of whisky he thought was awful. It is a fun tour of today’s Scottish whisky industry – enjoy!

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